A new way to offer instant gifts


Emotion always plays an important part in gift giving. Whether it is excitement, joy or surprise, when giving a gift, the consumer wants to incite emotions. In collaboration with Fuzzie, a Singapore-based startup, Source has worked to recreate this consumption experience within an application.

Fuzzie Application - Choosing a gift and sending it to a friend

Relevant gifts for your loved ones

Fuzzie allows you to send instant gift cards to family and friends using the social networks. It looks at your friends interests to recommend gift cards that are best suited to their tastes.

A brand personality

The brand is represented by a bear. It appears everywhere, in different shapes, depending on what is happening or where you are. It helps attract the users attention and interacts with them.

The Fuzzie "Bear" is instantly recognizable and allows the users to identify the brand immediately.

Lots of emotions

Ensuring proximity and making it a pleasure to use is one of our priorities. Whether it is for error notifications or for new feature announcements, the editorial, like the design, has been crafted to win users affection. The application is designed to bring the joy of gift giving and make people smile.

Users receive a link that allows them to collect their gift card.
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Our Projects

Luxury, bank, education... Because we listen to our clients and pay attention to their issues, our solutions are made to measure and cover all types of companies. Whatever their size or sector, we help them to adapt their digital products to the needs of their clients and to the new requirements raised by the digital transition.

Current Projects

  • Wonderbox

    In association with Wonderbox teams, Source is creating a unique brand experience for weekend sales, on a highly competitive online travel market.

  • Hellobank!

    We accompany BNP innovation processes by thinking and designing new payment methods for their HelloBank! app.

  • Myposeo

    We are designing and developing an online search engine optimization monitoring tool dedicated to Myposeo's key accounts.


In permanent contact with the digital ecosystem, we are combining rigor, precision, reliability, and expertise. Working as one with our clients, our approach is based on immersing ourselves in their culture and providing user experience research. Using our different areas of expertise, we study each project so we can offer you the best thought-out solutions.


  • Service Design
    Service Design

    Thanks to our market knowledge and our expertise, we work closely with our clients to define and design their future services. We always keep in mind that these services are intended to be used, and therefore must be "usable" before all else.

  • User Research
    User Research

    Our role is to determine in advance the shape of a service, taking into account all the constraints so it links seamlessly with its environment.
    Research is an essential and systematic dimension of our work to understand how user needs are or must be addressed.

  • User Experience
    User Experience / UX design

    By taking into account insights, opportunities and business objectives, we have the ability to craft successful user experiences. This way, we provide services that truly reflects clients and users expectations.

  • Interaction Design
    Interaction Design

    We are primarily inventors of scenarios and strategies. When designing, we look at all the interconnections between communication channels to have a comprehensive view of user journeys touchpoints. This mapping ensures users interaction with the service.

  • Prototyping & User Testing
    Prototyping & User Testing

    In order to conceive and design the most reliable solutions, we permanently iterate and prototype our interfaces. Through this process, we can evaluate the relevance of the choices made in terms of user experience.

  • User Interface Design
    User Interface Design

    We often think that a service should be first usable before being beautiful, but aesthetics is as important as usefulness. An unsightly service could be slowly abandoned because aesthetics affect minds. While ensuring all details are carefully considered, we create interfaces that are intuitive, creative, and inspiring.


  • Brands
    • Client Hennessy
    • Client Dassault Systemes
    • Client BNP Paribas
    • Client Wonderbox
    • Client Hachette
    • Client Warner Bros
  • Startups
    • Client Fuzzie
    • Client Wild Touch
    • Client Myposeo
  • Schools
    • Client Hetic
    • Client Strate College
  • Consulting
    • Client Elia Consulting


Our working culture is human-centered. We encourage mutual enrichment and empower our teams so it can benefit project’s results. This is a collaborative approach where our teams are in constant communication. We are all contributors of ideas, creators, and decision makers.

    Awards & Recognition

    We have won many prestigious awards since our creation, but it is our constant growth and long-term client satisfaction of which we are the most proud.

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    Our business is an ongoing encounter with new projects, new ideas and new talents. Feel free to contact us!